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Enhance your Medical Brand with Saudi Medico


Saudi Medico ( is the leading online portal for health specialists and patients in Saudi Arabia, Keeping in view that technology can enhance the relationships between patients and health specialists, Saudi Medico provides an opportunity to patients in selecting physicians and healthcare service providers in the region in accordance with specialty and subspecialty. It also helps physicians to engage with their patients through feedback, and improve their medical practices.

Saudi Medico is managed by a seasoned team of medical professionals with diverse backgrounds in healthcare. Our dedicated team of medical professionals, nurses, medical technologists, and IT experts bring together the wealth of international experience.


Salient features of Saudi medico:

 1). For Doctors and Clinics- Personal Professional Page:

SaudiMedico provides an opportunity for doctors and clinics to create the personalized professional page as a powerful tool--it allows doctors to attract new patients, educate patients, and increase office efficiency. It allows the doctor to display certificates, clinical interests, research, Articles, presentations, and other professional development related things.

Personal medical page can be branded with their own domain names.


Appointment Scheduling:

 It provides patients with an option to schedule their appointments online. This not only lets patients schedule when it is most convenient for them but lightens the load for office staff. Online appointment scheduling feature shows patients that their doctor understands their needs and are up-to-date with current practices in the medical field. It is an important step to making a positive impression on patients.

Content and Patient Engagement: 

Saudi Medico’s special feature of content management features allows doctors and clinics to update their contents without having a need for IT experts. Content. Engaging, fresh and informative content is essential for all medical websites. Patients want to know that their doctors are not only an expert in the medicine they practice but that they are willing to share their knowledge and are up-to-date with the most recent advances. 


Providing this content builds trust and maintains relationships with patients, even when they are not in the office. This means that when people search for specific keywords, the content on a doctor’s website will help it appear at the top of the results. Doctors and clinics can upload their latest pictures and professionals videos for patient information and education.




Testimonial & Patient Feedback:  


In most cases, testimonials are perfectly ethical and help to guide prospective patients to make the right choice. People trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends.

The importance of collecting patient feedback is evident – it helps physicians to learn patients' satisfaction, obtain suggestions about improving their service, fix the issues that patients faced and improve patient experience, quality of care, benchmarking, increasing revenue and patient retention.


Medical Professional networking and groups Discussions:


Saudi Medico provides social media tools to its registered users, including social networking platforms, blogs, posting audio and video files in groups, and media-sharing. 

These tools improve and enhance professional networking and education, organizational promotion, patient care, patient education, and public health programs.



More about Doctor Profile: 

Doctors can put their full profile in more about doctor Section, this is mostly viewed by employers while headhunting for best doctors. This allows employers to search for the best doctors for their medical facilities.


For Patients: 

Personalized healthcare just a click away….

Find and connect with the right specialist doctors.


Personalized Care: Patients can find the right doctor or healthcare provider according to their needs. Message and get to know the doctor before their consultation or treatment.


Continuity in Care: Consult the same doctor every time they need whether it is a quick follow up or a new appointment.


Take Control of Their Health: Patients can customize their own medical dashboard on the rated doctor and access it as many times as needed keeping their health at fingertips.


Health Education: Registered patients can join the discussion groups to learn more about healthcare, wellbeing, and information on medical conditions and management of the disease.